May 27, 2021


Yesterday we had a work session with members to improve our caremate system. Thank you to all of you who gathered, we had a great mix of long serving and new members, which was great to see the different sides of the onboarding experience we want to improve. I've found the session super productive and I am super proud of this system we have in place to make new members feel at home. Below are what you should know based on our discussion and decision made.

🏡 Where caremates live

Caremates have access to a space in the app where they see an alert every time a member joins LVRSNFRNDS. This alert mentions the new member name, location and interests. Based on this information, caremates can volunteer to welcome the new member and reach out to them via direct message.

📣 How members know about it

New members are informed of the caremates system once they've joined the app both in an email and on a featured welcome message. We will also add a video introduction to LVRSNFRNDS mentioning the caremates system and regularly promote it in the app feed to welcome more members in the team.

🧭 Orientations sessions

Orientation sessions will be added to the Events section. They wil be 15-minute gatherings occuring before recurring events like the Book Club and those hosted by the LVRSNFRNDS team. At these sessions, we will pair caremates or members wishing to act as caremates and new members or members wishing a refresher. They will have a conversation prompted by the following questions: "What brings you to LVRSNFRNDS? How are you finding it so far? How can I help you?"

Would love to hear your thoughts about this. I consent to you sliding in my DMs!

And if reading this made you want to become a caremate, check this out.