July 22, 2022

Hello, lvrsnfrnds!

It’s been a year since my last update to you. Things haven’t been easy, life got in the way, and community building is definitely not an easy task—especially when you:

  • strive to positively impact people’s personal lives,
  • put all your heart and good energy in it,
  • want to build an ethical business while paying your bills, bills, bills.

Believe me, those 3 are not the most obvious threesome out there. Never mind, as we’re here for the win, we’ve figured it out and here’s what will change at lvrsnfrnds from now on.

👩‍💼 I’ve started a new job and delegated to Imane and Samy.

Those last 3 years, I’ve lived on a $1,000 monthly salary hoping that the business will grow and that we’d raise funds. While it didn’t happen, being single again without a family or a sugar parent to support me, I cannot afford it anymore so I had to find another job. Imane and Samy will keep working their magic and I will be helping on the side #notgivingup.

🏕 campfire took over our Mighty Networks.

Not being able to grow revenue nor raise funds also meant we couldn’t develop campfire—the app that’d realise the vision behind lvrsnfrnds: helping you figure out and assert your authentic self through conversations on relationships. We’ve decided to use Mighty Networks, our current community platform, as a prototype of campfire this is why we changed the name of the platform and will improve the way we use it.

✨ membership to campfire is optional.

Since July 2018, curation has been central to our community. While I want to find all the amazing people out there like you and have them join us, a paid membership is not helping. We’ve decided to take the big plunge of making our membership free and find other ways to make money (partnerships?). To all of you who’ve been contributing so far, thank you for believing in us and supporting our work. You can keep doing so as we’ll shortly introduce quarterly fundraising to make sure we can stay afloat. if you’d like to cancel your monthly membership, please DM Imane on Mighty Networks or email us at imane@campfireapp.co.

🌹 lvrsnfrnds.com is our lobbying firm.

Part of our mission of helping you figure out and assert your authentic self, we want to shout out to the world that there’s no right way to love but the way that feels right to everyone involved. lvrsnfrnds will do just that with a monthly online magazine that you can subscribe to here. We’re also working on a program of educational events in London and Paris. Stay tuned.

👀 what can you do now?

This is a lot to process. Questions? Comments? Send them to imane@campfireapp.co!

Take care.