campfire members’ playbook

hello campfire!

and lovers and friends of campfire!

this is our members’ playbook, a living document constantly updated for us to make the most of our community and for our community to thrive with us. as a member of campfire, it is crucial that you take the time to read it and familiarize yourself with our community guidelines.

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new member checklist
community guidelines
tech tips
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help us grow the right way

we ❤️ word of mouth!

🥰 whether you want to invite loved ones or let others know how much you like it here with the world, share our website with them to help us spread the word and reach those like you who need a safe space to be themselves. and don't worry about oversharing: they will still have to go through our selection process.

📣 another easy way to help us raise awareness about campfire is to mention that you are a member on dating apps or social media profiles. many members sport the " 🏕️ campfire member" on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Feeld, Instagram, OK Cupid, and other dating apps from the Match Group (Hinge, Tinder…).

👍 you can also follow us on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and stay engaged with our posts with likes and comments. feel free to share content you'd like us to share for you if it makes sense!

💗 if you have a considerable audience on social media or anywhere else, reach out to see what we can do together!